Group discussion precedes a personal interview. The number of participants in a group discussion in an ideal situation there are normally to observes to assess the participants. Depending on the infrastructure, the group may be asked to sit in a circle arrangement. Which means in a candidate can participate at any time and not in a particular order or sequence. Some occasions the candle makes the discussion structure which means that each participant will be given a chance to speak as decided by a panel of observers. The group may be asked to elect their chairperson after a brief discussion who will act as a moderator and introduce the topic and also sum of the discussion.

 Before starting a group discussion, the participants may be asked to introduce themselves. The participants have to be ready for a brief self introduction.

The panel explain the rules of the group discussion after the initial introduction has started. This may include that time limit topic selection whether they have to elect their chairperson or not and what is expected of the participants. Usually 30 minutes time limit for group discussion.

  Now the topic may be announced by the planer

The participant may be given the opportunity to choose the topic either from the two or three topics suggested by the panel for entirely on their own.

Case may be given to be studied and discussed by the participants.

The panel at discretion give the participant 3 to 5 minutes talking about the topic. The panel observe each and every candidate and assess them when the group discussion has started.



The panel observe signals and by various parts of the body of the participants. Eyes, hands, body posture, tone of voice convey one’s feelings. Anger, irritation, frustration excitement defensiveness etc., taken into consideration.


The difference between a group discussion and public speaking content is that in a group discussion people cannot delivery length monologue as in the letter case. In the group discussion every participant has to react to what others say this means that listening is an important as speaking.


The number of ideas and the personality of this ideas their relevance to the topic and analytical skills.


It is not enough to have ideas they have to be expressive properly therefore verbal communication becomes very important.

Clarity of speech, fluency, proper modulation of voice.


Some people may speak very little, at capture the attention of the whole group. Leadership does not mean becoming a self appointed chairperson of the group to conduct the proceedings. Leadership means influencing the proceedings by constructive participation. Arguments for convincing other participants to a particular point of view building support due to the logical presentation of ideas and weakening the opponent’s point of use.


Initiative has to be taken by the participant to make a mark. Participant in the ongoing discussion with relevant points is necessary rather than remaining an observer.

The reason why institute put a group discussion and an interview, after testing our technical skin and conceptual skills in an exam. As an employee, you will always be working in a team, as a member or as a leader. Therefore, you interact in a team becomes an important criterion for your selection. Employee has to work in a team and get the best results out of a team work. That’s the reason why management institutes include group discussion as a component of the selection procedure

Usually there are three distinct types of participants.
  1. Democrat

Tries to include everyone in the group discussion and decision. Express opinions openly and directly. When tension mounts in the group after heated arguments tries to resolve the problem easily.

An ideal candidate shares the given time with others, listens and reacts to other views. Who helps other to get into the discussion rather than a gate closer, who cuts of others and constantly interrupt other. Just the opposite it is the Bulldozers, who tries to dominate the discussion with or without logical ideas. One should not be cowed down by the Bulldozer. The participants should instant on the opportunity to speak or quieten Bulldozers, by bringing out flaws in his argument or pose a question for which the Bulldozer may not have an answer.


Someone who imposes his or her will on the group members, evaluates other participants and tries to pass judgement on them, also tries to block the discussion, when it is not moving in the direction he desires.

  1. Amiable

Eagerly support others and avoid conflicts. Will not put forth his ideas. With proper preparation and guidance every can be successful at group discussion. Given below are five easy to follow tips which will help you and your group discussion for preparation


The process of opinion formation is incomplete without getting input from others. Get into the habit of discussing issues with your friends and families. listen question and answer and express your opinion. I you are proven wrong, accept with good grace. This will help you clear your own thoughts process plus it will get you into the habit of discussion.


Being aware of current happenings is not enough. Everyone can also share their opinion on those happenings and issues that arise. Think about what you feel about different issues. Write down your ask yourself why you feel that way, what are the premises underlying your thoughts and beliefs. You can also arise a question whether the point of view is based on facts or opinions.


General awareness is a must. Being aware of current affairs on issues and happenings, which affect our lives, however remotely, shows a well-rounded personality. The essential quality for a manager as only when he is well informed about all the facts are he able to take correct decision. Make a habit of reading newspapers and economic times and general interest and business magazines.


While discussing learn to check your temper. It will find you to holding other views which are abhorrent to you. Everyone does. Learn to respect points of view even if you don’t accept them. It shows maturity on your path. This will be good training for controlling your emotion. Which is of importance in a group discussion.


Try and make them other people who are interested in Group Discussion simulate Group Discussions. Get someone who has been thought Group Discussions before to observe it and give you feedback on your performance. It is better if the group consists of people who you don’t know you well.


  • Modulate the various aspects of your voice, volume, pitch and tone so as to suit the nature of the point that you are making. Make sure you don’t sound rude or arrogant.
  • Your posture should be straight and upfront
  • make music hands and facial expression to make your point more emphatic
  • Whatever position you are in the discussion make sure that while speaking you make eye contact with each and everyone in the group.
  • Make sure that all the points that you make an original and backed by substantial reasoning as to why you believe so.
  • Somebody has already made the point you want to make, you can go ahead and either support or oppose the point provide you can give substantial reasoning as to why you think so.
  • Whatever you have to say a has to be wrapped around with logical flow. State your point substantial with a reason and validate it with an example wherever and whenever possible.
  • Try to make an attempt at opening the discussion. But if you venture ahead with making sure that you do a good job of it. The opening has to be a brief introduction to the topic of discussion
  • if the discussion is revolving around a certain point for too long gives a new direction by introducing a new angle to it.
  • Do not get into arguments with people, you have to make effective points, don’t waste time on futile augments that do not contribute to the topic under group discussion.
  • Do not act patronizing other group members, it could backfire.
  • Do not fidget or act restless.
  • Do not stare at the floor or out of the window you may come across uninterested.
  • Do not show down the inert participants, and don’t move excessively in your chair or lean to the table.
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