15 Must Know Interview Questions

Questions and Answers, which every one should know before going for  Interview. 

1.Tell us about yourself (Need to answer this question in 10 sentences) ?

Ans. I am Nagababy, I have done my B tech in ECE from JNTU. I have done a Java certification course. I have enough technical skills. I have determination to work for long hours whenever required. I have effective communication skills. I have time management skills. I can work individually as well as in a team. I can motivate my colleagues towards work. I can handle multiple tasks. I have an attitude to learn and explore new things. I always strive for excellence. My hobbies are reading books, cooking  and gardening.

2.What  are your major strengths And weaknesses? 

Ans. My Greatest  strength is my confidence, positive thinking and my passion to achieve something in life. Coming to my weakness, I am a workaholic getting into the work I am not coming out of the Department unless I will finish that work.

3.Who is an ideal Boss?

 Ans. He should have a positive attitude and caretaking person, try to understand this and solve the employees’ problems. He should appreciate work done by an employee even if it is trivial. By doing so, the quantity of work done by that employee will be raised.

4.Why should I hire you?

 Ans. I think I am having all the qualities of your requirement I am having capacity to handle the work at any situation 

5.What makes you think you are the right person for this job? 

 Ans. Since I am hardworking, organised, self motivated, enjoy to take up challenges, and always look for Creative Solutions problems and I can give my best to company standards. I believe that I have all necessary qualities that are required for this job. 

6.Tell something that sets you apart from others ?

 Ans. Apart from others I have some additional qualities  such as a strong technical background, good academic records, positive attitude towards work, a good team player passionate to work and ability of problem solving skill and last but not least I have good communication skills.

7.Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Ans. Actually I don’t desire any particular position in 5 years. But I should become technically strong and  be in a position to guide my juniors. Also  I should become  an individual contributor  to the organisation such that  my present should be felt there.

8.Why did you choose this Career?

Ans. According to me I can enhance my skill and knowledge in this career and I fell that I have more opportunities here to express myself. Therefore I choose this as my career.

9.Why do you work for this Organization?

Ans. I think this company and post which I applied for suits me and I can enhance my skills. I also think this organization is one of leading companies in this field. So I think it would be good for me if I join this organization.

10.Are you willing to relocate?

Ans. Yes, it helps a person to learn and grow as an individual.

11.What is the difference between smart work and hard work?

Ans. Hard Work comprises skills which are accomplished through physical capabilities. But for Smart work, it requires mental capabilities to get the work done. 

12.Describe your Ideal job?

Ans. My Ideal job is to work in a healthy environment where I should feel comfortable with other employees and my ideas, opinions will be entertained during the decision making process. More importantly I should get job satisfaction rather than money. Of Course, money is also important. So, overall I would like to work in a better environment, better job and better package.

13.How long will you work for us?

Ans. As long as the work is challenging and I will have growth and training potential. I will be happy to work here. This position gives me enough exposure to my bright career.

14.Are you applying for other jobs?

Ans. Yes, I have applied to other companies too. It’s my dream company to work here. Even if I got placed in another company. I will strive my level best to join your company.

15.What is your expected salary?

Ans. I did not have any specific expectations, I will go with the company norms.

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