• There are 3,72,000 estimated drowning deaths every year in the world, that is pretty essential that people know what to do should they find themselves in trouble. One particular lifesaving method may seem a little bit bizarre if you are wearing jeans take them off denim jeans make effective floating device. Take them off, knot the ends of the legs and wave them over your head, fill them with air as possible. Then knot up the waist as quick as possible and Volta you have got yourself a float. Important things that you have to note if you are even almost drown that you need to go to a hospital even if you feel absolutely fine. If you have gotten to the point of throwing up water are nearly passing out your lungs could be filling up with fluid over the next few hours without you even realizing this is known as secondary drowning and it happens when the water has irritated the lungs and the body releases bile in response causing severe breathing difficulties


  • If you are around someone who has been stabbed or impaled by a sharp object the thing you can do is to pull the object out only do this if it is blocking the airway, which would leave you with no choice but to do so. When someone gets stabbed by seeing a knife the weapon immediately severs the blood vessels if you were to pull the knife out, you would cause them to bleed out. The act of pulling an impaled object out could cause further damage by cutting more tissue on the way. Instead, you need to get them to a hospital where doctors can expert in surgery. Also, while we are on stab wounds and injuries. If ever you receive a superficial wound that requires stitches, but are unable to get to a medical professional, super glue work as a temporary emergency. It can quickly bind minor lacerations which would otherwise become infection. It is always advisable to seek medical attention as super glue could cause a reaction with the skin for prolonged periods of time.


  • The Heimlich maneuver is also known as abdominal thrusts this one of the most well-known first aid procedure out it is used to save someone from choking by forcing foreign object out of the body. But what do you do if you start choking and there is no one around to perform the maneuver for you  there is an actual way on the Heimlich that you can perform on yourself as is always the case with the choking you should try and cough the abstractions out if that does not work from a fist with your strongest hand and place it just below your rib cage and just above the naval then place your other palm over the first so you can push more firmly forceful drive your fist in and up. Repeat several times until the object that struck get dislodged. But you have to be careful because incorrectly performing the Heimlich maneuver carriers’ risk of bruising bones or damaging Internal organs.


  • This is one is not that it’s likely to come up in our day to day life, given that the odds of being killed by a shark are 1 in 3 million. But still there is a misconception about what you are supposed to do you if attacked by a shark that I feel when need to address you may have heard the notion that, when face to face with the hungry great white your best bet is to punch the shark on the nose. Don’t do this it would only stun the creature for a fraction of a second and would aggrieve more than distract it. Instead of going to the eye. Sharks only have a relatively thin eyelid of a like barriers a finger to the eye should be enough to stop it in its tracks and most likely send it swimming away to suck for a bit.


  • Pregnancy Test works by detecting the presence of hormone beta human chorionic gonadotropin, which is produced during pregnancy. The hormones are also present in the bodies of those suffering from testicular cancer. This means that the test can be used to detect search cancer in men as was discovered by one reddit user, who tried a pregnancy test only to find it coming back positive. According to American Cancer Society, the hormone is only present in a specific type of testicular cancer, meaning that pregnancy test does not offer an infallible method of testing for the disease.


  • If ever you find yourself in the admittedly unlikely situation of falling off of a high building or cliff edges, there are a series of steps that you should perform first of all if you’re falling next to a building or hill try and break up the fall into segments by hitting a ledge a tree or other object. This will break up the momentum of your fall increasing your chances to survival. Easier said than done by secondly, just relax your joints are locked and your muscles rigid the impact of the fall is more likely to damage your vital organs. In particular, make sure that your knees are slightly bent. When you land try feet first which will concentrate the impact force on a small area. Utilizing this technique is one of the reasons why cats are able to fall from impulsively great heights minimal injury as well as the fact that their muscular legs effectively shock absorbers


  • Snap could be a crucial way of detecting cancer. When we take a snap with your family notice that how the flash has only made one of their eyes turn red. Other has a strange white glow inside. This is a typical symptom of retinoblastoma, a rare type of eye cancer that affects younger children gently under 5 years of age. The explanation for the effect is that a tumor has grown on the retina, the light sensitive lining at the back of the eye which has caused it to reflect light differently. Treatment for the condition is very effective.


  • When you are being electrocuted your muscle tension up an you have physically incapable of letting go of the live wire if anyone were to grab hold of you try and prove you to safely they too would end up stuck and unable to let go. The best thing is to do if you see something in this situation is to turn off the source of electricity, but that it is not always safe or possible to do so. There is a need to find some other way of breaking the circuit like finding a hard non conducting object example stick and giving the person of a firm whack

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