Basic Computer Questions for Interview Part 10

Basic Computer Questions for Interview

  1. _________are the special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation.

      Ans:  Transition

  1. Most World Wide Web pages are in _____ language.

      Ans:  HTML

  1. _________operating system is not owned and licensed by a company .

      Ans:  Unix

  1. Computer send and receive data in the form of_______signals.

      Ans:  Digital

  1. __________is an example of checking that a pin code number is valid before it is entered into the system.

      Ans: Data  validation

  1. _________is a compiler that translates high-level programs into a machine language program.

      Ans:  Object code

  1. The ability to find________what’s an individual items in a file immediately.

       Ans:  Direct access

  1. __________can be a computer connected to a LAN.

      Ans:  Share information and peripheral equipments

  1. A CD-RW disk can be__________.

         Ans:  Erased and rewritten

  1. __________ are the two major categories of software.

     Ans:  System and Application

  1. _________is referred to take information from one source and bring it to a computer.

    Ans:  Download

  1.   Each box in a spreadsheet is________.

    Ans:  Cell

  1. The definition of the software package is_________ .

    Ans:  A set of computer programs used for certain functions such as    word processing

  1. __________cannot link Excel worksheet data to a word document.

     Ans:  With the right drag method, hyperlink, copy paste special commands and standard commands

  1. By using______button can start Microsoft Word.

    Ans:  New

  1. The length of the network without having the signal degrade to extend________ are used.

 Ans:  Repeater

  1. _______is known as a repair for a  known software bug usually available at no charge on the internet.

Ans:  Patch

  1. When lists are not updated due to data change in multiple list is_________

Ans:  Data inconsistency

  1. ________is an internet.

Ans:  A large network of networks

  1. ________is an advantage of dial up internet access.

Ans: It is utilizes existing telephone service

  1. ________is an example to access control based on a person’s fingerprints.

Ans:  Biometric identification

  1. The patterns of printed lines on the most products are known as_______

Ans:  Barcodes

  1. _________are the following two parts in an email to complete mail programs automatically.

Ans:   From and Date

  1. _______is known as the computer’s capability of distinguishing spoken words.

Ans:  Voice recognition

  1. __________is an advantage of mounting an application on the web.

Ans:  The possibility of 24 hours access for users, creating a system that can extend globally, standardizing the design of the interface.

  1. The issues that deal with the collection and use of data about individuals is______.

Ans:  Privacy

  1. A term relating to send data to a satellite is________.

Ans:  Uplink

  1. _________is known as  unauthorized copying of software to be used for personal gain instead of for personal backups.

    Ans:  Software piracy

  1. To displaying information at public places________ are usually used.

    Ans:  Overhead projectors

  1. _______is an MP3.

   Ans:  Sound format

  1. _________are hardware for multimedia creations.

   Ans:  PCs

  1. For sound recording________is necessary.

   Ans:  Microphone

  1. _________settings are automatic and standard.

   Ans:  Default

  1. _________are the two parts of an email address.

   Ans:  Usernames and Domain name

  1. Participants can see and hear each other in an_________.

    Ans:  Teleconference

  1. __________should we delete unknown email attachments.

   Ans:  It might contain a virus that good heart our computer

  1. __________is embedded system.

     Ans:  Computer and software system that control a machine or applications

  1. _________are required to hear music on computer.

   Ans:  Sound card

  1. The signal that a computer is waiting for a command for the user is___________.

     Ans:  Prompt

  1. _________controls the manager of interaction between the user and the operating system.

    Ans:  User interface

  1. _________could to remove a paragraph from a report you had written.

   Ans:  Highlight and delete

  1. _________is used to click at B to make the text.

   Ans:  Bold

  1. _______are used to create in Excel chart.

    Ans:  Chart Wizard

  1. __________equipments are used to capture information and commands.

    Ans:  Storage devices

  1. A bridge recognises address of______.

        Ans: Layer 3

  1. “.TIF”extension name stands for_______.

    Ans:  Tagged Image Format

  1. The Host computer is connected to the local computer is an__________network.

   Ans:  Star Network

  1. In programming language the keyboard “void” means__________

    Ans:  Does not return any value when finished.

  1. Instruction for a LOAD is________.

   Ans:  One address instructions

  1. ________is the keyboard shortcut to restart a computer.

   Ans:  Ctrl + Alt + Del

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