Basic Computer Questions for Interview Part 14

Basic Computer Questions for Interview

  1. To perform a specific task________ key is used in combination with another key.

    Ans:  Control

  1. CDs are of________ shape.

     Ans:  Round

  1. _________ instructions is said to be easily understood.

    Ans:  User friendly

  1. For creating the document we use________command at File menu.

     Ans:  New

  1.   While the processor is using them where are Program and data kept in  __________.

      Ans:  Main memory

  1. ______________ command is used to select the whole document.

    Ans:  Ctrl + A

  1. Computer is made of____________ hardware equipment.

   Ans:  Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, Software and Network

  1. For selecting or highlighting ________ is generally used 

   Ans:  Mouse

  1. Storage unit provides___________.

   Ans:  Storage for information and Instructions

  1. _________ type of memory is closely related to Processor.

   Ans:  Main Memory

  1. __________ device is used to access our computer by other computer or to talk over phone.

  Ans:  Modem

  1. __________is known as permanent memory in a computer.

  Ans:  ROM

  1. ____________ is referred as a different applications and documents Windows desktop.

  Ans: Icons

  1. Micro instructions are kept in_________.

   Ans:  Control store

  1. In HTML coding________attribute of HR tag suppress the shading effect on files a solid line.

   Ans:  Noshade

  1. Internet domain are classified by their functions. In that regard  “.com” represents________.

   Ans:  Commercial

  1. HTTP in URL stands for _________.

  Ans:  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

  1. The Nyquist theorem specifies the minimum sampling rate to be__________.

Ans:  Twice the bandwidth of a signal

  1. __________protocol used by internet mail.

Ans:  HTTP

  1. __________is known as memory allocation at the runtime.

  Ans:  Dynamic memory allocation

  1. A policy on firewalls needs not________.

   Ans:  Ensure that it is logically secured

  1. The script which is design to receive value from the web user is _______.

Ans:  Java Script

  1. __________are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices such as your electronic thermostat.

 Ans:  Embedded Computers

  1. A tool  used to find a synonym for antonym for a particular word.

Ans:  Thesaurus

  1. In ___________ a number of jobs are put together and execute as a group.

  Ans:  Batch processing

  1. ___________ referred to as computer that the instructions that tell a computer how to carry out the processing tasks.

Ans:  Programs

  1. Equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance it functionality is ___________ the term designates

 Ans:  Peripherals device

  1. __________is a set of computer programs that helps a computer monitor itself and function more effectively.

  Ans:  System Software

  1. the amount of data that a storage device can move from the storage medium to the computer per second is__________.

Ans:  Data transfer rate

  1. _________converts all the statements in a program in a single batch and the result collection of instruction is placed in a new file.

Ans:  Compiler

  1. In computer the commands are displays after we make a selection from the main menu is an additional of ________.

 Ans:  Sub menu

  1. _________includes information kept about the files.

   Ans:  Size

  1. __________identified as a field in a database.

Ans:  Field name

  1. A telephone number would be stored in a________field in a database.

   Ans:  Text

  1. _________is known as a group of related fields in a database.

  Ans:  Record

  1. __________is known as a group of related records in a database.

   Ans:  Table

  1. _________is not done by modem.

     Ans:  Data Accuracy

  1. _________is used to answer a question about a database.

     Ans:  Query

  1. AM and PM are an examples of _________.

    Ans:  Analog to Analog

  1. The physical layer is concerned with the transmission of__________over the physical medium.

    Ans:  Bits

  1. In computer____________identification of the rectangular pattern of lines of varying width han spaces used for automatic product.

    Ans:  Bar – code

  1. In addition to key data directly into the database data entry can be done from________.

   Ans:  Input form

  1. The primary key must be an ________ field.

Ans:  Unique

  1. __________is  locating any document on the www. there is a unique address.

Ans:  URL

  1. __________views would we used to define a table and specific fields it contains.

Ans:  Design view

  1. ___________large scale electronic repository of data that is time variation.

Ans:  Data warehouse

  1. In C++programming the extension of program is ________.

Ans:  .CPP

  1. In a word processor_________ is most likely be used.

Ans:. Type of biography

  1. A hard copy of a file created on a computer referred to data as_________.

Ans:  Printed on printer

  1. ________is an organised Collection of data about a single entity 

Ans:  Data base

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