Basic Computer Questions for Interview Part 17

Basic Computer Questions for Interview

  1. The first computers were programmed using____________.

    Ans:  Assembly language

  1. In order to create column data in word we need to____________.

    Ans:  Set tabs or use the table menu

  1. ____________type of computers are client computers in client server system.

    Ans:  Micro computer

  1. __________is an example of non numeric data.

    Ans:  Employee address

  1. ____________characteristic of read only memory makes it useful.

    Ans:  Data in ROM is non volatile, that is it remains there even without electric power

  1. _________is refers to a small single site network.

     Ans:  LAN

  1. ___________keystroke will take we at the beginning or  the end of the long document .

   Ans:  Ctrl + Home and Ctrl + End

  1. In a word we can force a page break__________ .

    Ans:  Place the cursor on the position approximately and pressing Ctrl+Enter

  1. ___________ is the best method that  we want to move some text from one page to a different page.

  Ans:  Cut and Paste

  1. How many margins are on a page_______.

   Ans:  Four ( top, bottom, right, left)

  1. ___________ is an embedded system.

  Ans:  Machine or appliance are controlled by a software system and Computer

  1. Text in a column is generally aligned as_______ 

   Ans:  Justified

  1. Why should we delete unknown Email attachments.

Ans:  It might contain a virus that could hurt our computer

  1. Selecting the zoom command is _________.

  Ans:  Changes the magnification of the displayed document

  1. Where are program and data kept while the processor is using them is __________.

  Ans:  Main memory

  1. __________ type of software is most useful for the creation of brochures, posters, and newselecters.

   Ans:  Desktop Publishing software

  1. _________ is a program that makes the computer easier to use.

 Ans:  Utility

  1. Each _______ on a menu performs a specific action.

   Ans:  Command

  1. _________ becomes different shapes depending on the  task we are performing.

  Ans:  Mouse pointer

  1. __________ feature in Word automatically corrects certain spelling, typing, capitalization, or grammar errors.

  Ans:  Auto spell

  1. A business that has a contract with another company to have them host and run an application for our company over the internet. The company provides this service to our business is known as___________.

Ans:  Application service provider

  1. _________allows  us to assess our email from anywhere.

Ans:  WebMail interface

  1. ___________would  find on LinkedIn.

Ans:  Connections

  1. The search companion can be________.

Ans:  Located all files containing a specified face and restrict its search to a specified set of folders

  1. _________must must be contained in a URL.

Ans:  The unique register domain name

  1. __________Information systems focuses on making the manufacturing process more efficient and high quality.

Ans:  Computer aided manufacturing

  1. A mistake in an algorithm that causes incorrect result is known as__________.

   Ans:  Logical error

  1. The connection on the device for changing on  a connector to a different configuration is________.

  Ans:  An adapter

  1. _______is known as the process of copying software programs from secondary storage media to the hardware disk.

  Ans:  Installation

  1. __________ is a special visual and audio effect applied on PowerPoint to text or content.

  Ans:  Animation

  1. We click at B to make__________ .

  Ans:  Bold

  1. grouping and processing all of a firm’s transactions at one time is known as_________.

  Ans:  A real – time system

  1. How many margins are on a page________.

  Ans:  Two (landscape and portrait)

  1. Small programs that act on data received by the users computer as part of a webpage are known as__________.

   Ans:  Browser

  1. In Excel a_________is identified by the cell in the upper left corner and the cell in the lower right corner separated by a colon.

  Ans:  Range

  1. __________is a programming language for creating special programs like applets.

  Ans: Java

  1. ___________are large printers used to produce oversized pictures that required precise continuous line such as maps and architectural plans 

Ans:  Plotters

  1. ____________is an acronym of RDBMS.

Ans:  Relationship Database Management System

  1. How many types of  headings are available in HTML__________ .

Ans:  Six

  1. ____________type of conversion needs sampling of a signal.

Ans:  Analog – Digital

  1. ___________would not ordinarily be considered unstructured data.

Ans:  Video

  1. _______ is factors of  words Program of title bar, ribbon, status bar, view and document workspace

Ans:  Windows.

  1. What happens when we press ctrl + v key__________.

Ans:  The selected item is pasted from the clipboard

  1. _______view shows how the contents on printed page will appear with margin, header and footer.

  Ans:  Page layout

  1. Click________checkbox for transition in a slide group of an animation tab if we want to move a slide automatically after stipulated time.

   Ans:  Automatically after

  1. connection to the internet using a phone line and a modem are known as__________ connections.

   Ans:  Dial-up, Broadband

  1. Programming language has set aside for its own use are________ words.

   Ans:  Control structures

  1. =SUM(B1:B2) is an example of ________.

   Ans:  Formula

  1. A list of commands and options contains________ software.

   Ans:  Menu bar

  1. _________ is a storage area for an email messages.

   Ans:  A mailbox

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