Basic Computer Questions for Interview Part 5

Basic Computer Questions for Interview

  1. Assembly language is an__________.

       Ans:  A low level programming language

  1. _______content are lost when the computer turns off.

       Ans:  Memory

  1. _______is hardware and not software.

       Ans:  CPU

  1. On a CD-RW we can________.

Ans:  Read, write and rewrite information

  1. _______is not a hardware.

      Ans:  Interpreter

  1. In Excel the operation of combining two cells into a single cell is known as______.

      Ans:  Merge cells

  1. _______is a data organized in a worksheet.

      Ans:  Rows and Columns

  1. _________is not a storage medium.

     Ans:  Keyboard

  1. The abbreviation of KB in computer is usually means_______.

     Ans:  Kilo Byte

  1. If an excel worksheet is to be linked for use in a PowerPoint we should be click on______.

     Ans:  Edit, Paste Special

  1. In Excel______is a prerecorded formula that provides a shortcut for complex calculations.

     Ans:  Function

  1. Replace option is available in word is______.

     Ans:  Edit Menu

  1. In word_______can be changed page margins.

    Ans:  Dragging the margin boundaries on the ruler

  1. Ctrl and shift key are_____ type.

    Ans:  Modifier

  1. _______is shown bye your position in the text

    Ans:  Blinker

  1. In word_______menu would the user select to print a document.

    Ans:  File

  1. For a modulator-demodulator the common name is___________

    Ans:  Modem

  1. ALU performs an operation of_______.

     Ans:  Arithmetic

  1. ______is used to to prepare an Excel is a program.

     Ans:  Spreadsheet

  1. ________is used to to choose the font for a sentence in a WORD document.

     Ans:  Select font in the format menu

  1. In word to reverse effect of your last action_______.

    Ans:  Use the Undo Command

  1. Using output device one can______.

    Ans:  View or print data

  1. By using print preview________ is useful when you want.

     Ans:  It view how the document will appear when we printed

  1. Operator which doesn’t carried out on objects in graphic programme is _______.

     Ans:  Spell check

  1. Information that comes from an external source and fed into a computer software is known as_______.

     Ans:  Input

  1. In order to delete a sentence from document ______ is used.

    Ans:  Highlight and delete

  1. How many kilobytes make a megabyte____

    Ans:  1024

  1. _______is an example for keyboards, scanners and microphones.

    Ans:  Input device

  1. In excel the content of active cell had displayed in ______ bar.

    Ans:  Formula

  1. In Windows ME stands for_____.

   Ans:  Millennium

  1. _______is used by the browser to connect the location of internet resource.

     Ans:  URL

  1. _______is not a term pertaining to the internet.

    Ans:  Keyboard

  1. Domain name for an educational institution is_______.

    Ans:  .edu

  1. POST stands for _______.

    Ans:  Power am Self Test

  1. The process of carrying out commands is________.

    Ans:  Executing

  1. When we change Windows 98 to Windows XP actually performing_______.

    Ans: Upgrade

  1. _______is called the main system board of the computer.

   Ans:  Motherboard

  1. In word we can use styles to______.

    Ans:  Format our documents

  1. The caps lock key referred to as a toggle key because_______.

    Ans:   Its function goes back and forth every time it is pressed

  1. When we try to delete the file on the floppy________will happens.

    Ans:  The file get deleted and cannot be restored again

  1. ______is not a basic function of a computer.

    Ans:  Scan text

  1. _______he is considered to be peripheral devices such as printers and monitors.

     Ans:  Hardware

  1. _______is not a term pertaining to email.

    Ans:  PowerPoint

  1. ________is required to create and HTML document.

    Ans:  Text editor

  1. In computer__________language is directly understood  without translation program.

    Ans:  Machine language

  1. _______identifies a cell in Excel.

    Ans:  Name

  1. ROM is an _______.

     Ans:  Computer hardware

  1. While selecting the multiple worksheet in Excel_______key must also be used when clicking the sheet tab.

     Ans:  Ctrl

  1. How many bits does a nibble signify in a computer_______.

     Ans:  4

  1. To insert a page break in a WORD document________are used.

    Ans:   Insert and Break

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