Basic Computer Questions for Interview Part 8

Basic Computer Questions for Interview

  1. _________are the Outlook Express.

     Ans:  Email client, Scheduler, Address book

  1. _________key are used to press to start a new page in MS Word.

       Ans:  ctrl + New

  1. The  software that is similar to an accountant’s worksheet is ________.

      Ans:  Spreadsheets

  1. the network connecting several computers all over the world is known as________.

       Ans:  Internet

  1. ________are keys labelled 0-9 on the keyboard.

      Ans:  Numeric keys

  1. _________is a web browser.

      Ans:  Firefox

  1. ________is known as the most commonly used personal computers or laptops does not have a common key.

      Ans:  Turnover

  1. The quickest and easiest way in the world to locate  a particular word or phrase in a document is to use the________command.

      Ans:  Find

  1. __________is not a computer programming language.

      Ans:  Microsoft

  1. To prepare a presentation or slides _________application is commonly used.

    Ans:  PowerPoint

  1. _________is the most popular internet activity.

    Ans:  E-mailing

  1. GUI stands for_______.

    Ans:  Graphical User Interface

  1. ___________is designed to that graphically shows the logic in a solution algorithm.

    Ans:  Flowchart

  1. File that contains definitions of a paragraph and character styles offer document and and customised like toolbar and menu is known as_________.

    Ans:  Template

  1. __________applications of programs designed specifically to address general purpose and special purpose application.

    Ans:  Application software

  1. _________is not a hardware of computer.

    Ans:  Windows

  1. A program designed to destroy data on our computer which can travel to infect other computer is_________.

   Ans:  Virus

  1. Keyboard which is commonly available personal computers and laptops are______.

    Ans:  QWERTY

  1. __________are allows to internet.

   Ans:  Send electronic mail,  view web pages and connected to server around the world

  1. __________is software most likely used to keep track of a building account.

    Ans:  Spreadsheet

  1. Computer cannot boot if it doesn’t have ___________.

    Ans:  Operating system

  1. ___________is the best method to move text from one page to another page.

Ans:  Cut and Paste

  1. To gain access to a computer system is coded entries which are used to known as_________.

Ans:  Passwords

  1. _________ type of resource does have greater probability to become a shared resource in a computer system.

Ans:  Printer

  1. _________ is used to display the contents of the active cell.

Ans:  Formula bar

  1. Text and graphics have been cut or copied are stored in an area is________.

    Ans:  Clipboard

  1. __________device that connects to a network without the use of cable.

    Ans:  Wireless

  1. __________is the most common way to get a virus in computers hard disk.

   Ans: By opening emails

  1. _______is the default file extension for Word document.

    Ans:  DOC

  1. ________codes consisting of bars or lines varying widths or lengths of computer-readable. 

   Ans:  A Bar code 

  1. Implementing command is the process of __________.  

    Ans:  Executing

  1. ____________is a printed information exit in real sense and is more permanent from output then the output existing on display device.

   Ans:  Hard copy

  1. Excel stores it’s document in a form of file is__________.

   Ans:  Workbooks

  1. __________ is used to change hardware components into more powerful or rectified version

   Ans:  Upgrading

  1. __________is a combination of two or more cells into a single cell.

   Ans:  Merging

  1. ________views ispresent in PowerPoint.

    Ans:  Slidesorter view

  1.  We should click________to move from one worksheet to another in Excel workbook.

 Ans:  Sheet tab

  1. In a computer network a computer that can control a group of other computers for sharing information as well as hardware utilities is known as__________.

   Ans:  Server

  1. __________what should be defined as a numeric field.

    Ans:  Telephone number, Zip code

  1. In a network with 25 computers _______ topology are required for more extensive cabling.

  Ans:  Mesh

  1. Technique is used in high speed modem is_________.

Ans:  QAM

  1. _________technique used in frame relay.

    Ans:  Connection oriented

  1. __________encoding type always has a non zero average amplitude.

    Ans:  Bipolar

  1. ________can remove signals from a path in a SONET system.

     Ans:  An add or drop multipliers

  1. IBM stands for__________.

    Ans:  International Business Machine

  1. For multiple branching in ‘C’ we use______statement.

   Ans:  Switch

  1. ASCII stands for______.

    Ans:  American Standard Code for Information Interchange

  1. The data contained in a database is accurate and reliable are______.

     Ans:  Data integrity

  1. _____________displays program that are currently running a single click on one of the program icons will bring the window up.

   Ans:  Taskbar

  1. Communication devices of multiples are connected to one another efficiently is a_________ method.

    Ans:  switching

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