Basic Computer Questions for Interview Part 9

Basic Computer Questions for Interview

  1. The legal right to use software based on a specific restriction is granted via________.

       Ans:  Software licence

  1. _________attachment of Email.

       Ans:  A separate document from another program sent along with             an email message

  1. __________type of software that controls the internal operation in the computer and control how the computer works with all its parts.

     Ans:  Operating system software

  1.   In multiple list the data changes and the lists are not updated due to the ________ causes.

       Ans:  Data redundancy

  1. The main folder on a storage device is known as________.

      Ans:  Root directory

  1. _________type of memory that holds only the program and data the CPU is presently processing.

     Ans:  RAM

  1. _________button that makes character either upper or lowercase and number to symbols.

     Ans:  Shift key

  1. _________is series of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to do it.

     Ans:  Program

  1. _________is known as card that the communication device allows the computer to access a network.

    Ans:  Network

  1. Screen list of options in a program that tells you what is in that program is_______.

    Ans:  Menu

  1. __________must have to view information on the web.

   Ans:  Web browser

  1. _________is often referred to as a file.

   Ans:  Document

  1. _________has to install to protect ourselves from computer hacker instruction.

   Ans:  Firewall

  1. __________of computers are client computers client server system.

   Ans:  Mainframe

  1. When we boot up a PC__________will happens.

   Ans:  From disk into memory the portions of operation system are        copied

  1. A button and menu contains_______bar that provide quick access to commonly used commands.

Ans:  Toolbar

  1.   Letters, numbers and symbols found on a keyboard are________.

   Ans:  key

  1. _________menu is selected to print.

   Ans:  File

  1. ________contains commands to be selected.

   Ans:  Menu

  1. The three basic categories of physical equipment that contains microcomputer hardware is_______.

     Ans:  Input / output device,  System unit and Secondary storage

  1. ________is an example of Linux.

     Ans:  Open source software

  1. For performing numerical and statistical calculations ________ software applications would be the most appropriate

       Ans:  Spreadsheet

  1. To read or printed text to make a digital image that is stored in memory ________ are used.

     Ans:  Scanner

  1. We can organize files by storing them in_________.

   Ans:  Folders

  1. ________predesigned document that already has coordinating fonts, layout and background.

   Ans.  Template

  1. ________key are referred as capital letters on the keyboard.

    Ans:  Caps lock key

  1. _________device that make up a computer system that you can see or touch.

     Ans:  Hardware

  1. A program when pushed________ key lets you to exit

   Ans:  Escape key

  1. ___________is the process of carrying out commands.

    Ans:  Executing

30.___________mis report as the desktop computers.

 Ans:  The visible screen

  1. ________is there default file extension for Word documents.

  Ans:  DOC

  1. _______is referred to as removing and replacing device without turning off a computer.

   Ans:  Plug-N-Play

  1. _________is a specialised program that assists users in locating information on the web.

    Ans:  Search engines

  1. ________creates a compiling.

   Ans:  Executable program

  1. ________are inserted into expansion cards.

   Ans:  Slots

  1. _________is known as electronic circuit with transistors and other electronic components on a small silicon chip.

   Ans:  Integrated circuit

  1. _________is also known as junk email.

   Ans:  Spam

  1. ________manual tells you how to use a software program.

  Ans:  Documentation

  1. _________is known as a collection of interrelated records.

  Ans:  Database

  1. ________used as a file extension.

   Ans:  To identify file type

  1. When operating system is loaded in RAM_________will happens.

   Ans:  Booting

  1. We can see_______in page preview mode.

  Ans:  All the pages of our document

  1. When we start our computer Boot routine will perform___________.

    Ans:  Power on self test

  1. _______uses machine language.

   Ans:  Numerical code

  1. ________is the keyboard shortcut for new slide.

   Ans:  Ctrl + M

  1. Files deleted from hard disk are sent to_______.

    Ans:  Recycle bin

  1. The full form of CD-RW

   Ans:  Compact disc – Rewritable

  1. _________is known as vertical space between lines of the text in documents.

   Ans:  Line spacing

  1. ALU of CPU has_________.

   Ans:   Register

  1. _______ a Gutter margin.

   Ans:  margin added to a binding slide of the page while printing.

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