Basic Computer Questions for Interview Part 1

Basic Computer Questions for Interview

  1.   _______ is known as a website’s page.

      Ans:  Home page

  1. _______can be used to select the                      entire document.

      Ans:   CTRL+A  

  1. ________ view is the default view in Excel.

      Ans:   Normal

  1. In Excel Window __________ appears at the bottom.

      Ans:      Sheet tabs

  1. _________ is a collection of workbook

      Ans:   Worksheets

  1. When you enter text in a cell in Excel it also appear in _________

      Ans:   formula bar

  1. EPROM stands for

      Ans:   Erasable Programmable Read only Memory

  1. Files are are organised by storing them in_________

      Ans:   Folders

  1. In Word, the feature that automatically detects common error is known as_______

      Ans:   Auto correct

  1.   ASCII is a coding system that provides________different characters.

     Ans:   128

  1.   When the computer is switched on the boosting process performs__________

    Ans:   Power-On self- Test

  1.   To store data and perform calculation computers use__________number system.

     Ans:   Binary

  1.   To access properties of an object we use________ mouse technique.

     Ans:   Right clicking

  1.   _________can be used to select the entire document.

     Ans:   CTRL+A

  1.   Reusable optical storage will typically have________acronym.

    Ans:   RW

  1. ________communication is known as and online discussion group that allows direct live.

    Ans:   Chat group

  1.   Help menu is available at______button.

     Ans:   Start button

  1. In __________ You can keep your personal files and folders.

    Ans:   My documents

  1.   When the computer turns off the content of_________are lost.

     Ans:   Memory

  1.   A DVD is an example of__________.

    Ans:   Optical disc

  1.   Video processors consist of ________ and _______which stores and process images.

    Ans:   CPU and memory

  1.   ________button we press, to reload Web page.

     Ans:   Refresh

  1.   The main  circuit-board of the system unit is the_________

     Ans:   Motherboard

  1.   _________implies a combination of audio, video, text, animation and graphics.

    Ans:   Multimedia

  1.   _________does not move when you scroll through a document.

    Ans:  Insertion point

  1.   _______is not a basic function of a computer.

   Ans:   Copy text

  1.   _______menu enables the user to choose toolbars.

   Ans:   View

  1.   In Excel pre-defined and built-in-formulas  is known as________

   Ans:   Functions

  1.   In keyboard shortcut to centre selected text in word is _________

    Ans:   Ctrl+E

  1.   In technology that stores only the essential instructions on a microprocessor chip and enhance its speed is known as

    Ans:   RISC

  1. In order to create column data in word we need to use_________.

   Ans:   Set tabs or use the table menu

  1.   _________is the part of the computer is directly involved in executing the instructions of a computer program.

    Ans:   Processor

  1.   ________helps to protect floppy disk from data getting accidentally raised.

    Ans:   Write-protect notch

  1.   ________is connected to a modem

    Ans:  A telephone line

  1.   Where we put the disk  in a computer ______.

    Ans:   In the disk drive

  1. _________we received newly email store.

    Ans:  Inbox

  1. The computer processor is to convert data into _________.

    Ans:   Information

  1. When we brows  the world wide web, the browser is ________ 

    Ans.   Application program

  1. The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiprocessor is known as__________.

    Ans:   Multiprocessing

  1.   _________is used to  built permanent memory in your computer.

    Ans:   ROM

  1. The_______folder retains copies of messages that you have started but not yet ready to send.

    Ans:   Drafts

  1.   Software system is __________.

    Ans:   Help the computer manage internal resources.

  1.   __________is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.

    Ans:   Formatting

  1.   Processing and grouping of a firm’s transactions at one time is known as_____

    Ans:   Batch processing

  1. A person who used his expertise to gain access to other people’s computers to get information illegally is a________.

    Ans:   Hacker

  1.   Codes consisting of line of varying widths or lengths that are computer readable is known as_________.

    Ans:   A magnetic tape

  1.   _________does not store data permanently.

     Ans:   RAM

  1.   You can show an entire page or multiple pages at the same time using_____options.

    Ans:   Zoom

  1.   _______is not a term pertaining to the internet.

    Ans:   Mouse

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