• Charles Robert Darwin was born in 12th February 1809 in England. He never liked the school. He enjoyed gardening and observing animals and plants in nature. He joined Cambridge University to study classics. But he found that he was not interested in Geology and Botany.
  • His professor was happy with his interest set him on a tour. He set sail for the round the world voyage on 27 December 1831 for 5 years in his ship. He was fascinated by the rare species of plants and animals on the islands situated on the equator thousand kilometers from South America.
  • He compared living species of South America and Europe. He thoroughly studied the flowers, animals, rocks and fossils. He found that the birds and animals of the same Island were identical, while they differed significantly from island to island.
  • In the year 1859 he was released a book known as ‘Origin of Species’. All the copies were sold out on the very first day. It caused an uproar as it contradicts the idea of found in the Bible. Earlier belief was that animals, including humans were all manufactured by God himself and came to earth at once.
  • Darwin observes that all species, including humans evolved in due course of time due to the interaction of the existing species among themselves. It was a small book but with thousands of facts and examples supporting his conclusions. Darwin proved that the animal world was like the many branches of a tree with common trees and a common trunk all living things had a single origin. 
  • Darwin knew that scientific theories including his theory, of evolution will undergo revolutionary changes. He wrote ‘On the Origin of Species by means of its natural selection, or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life. It was an immediate success.’ The “origin of species” was praised by many scientists.
  • Darwin published his second book ‘Descent of Man’ 12 years later. His book ‘ Preservation of Favored Races’ were also successfully. He wrote ’We can concentrate the greater intensity of feeling in a single musical note that in the pages of writing and maximum nearly same emotions are felt by birds when the male pours forth its full volume of song, in rivalry with males to captivate the female. Love is still the commonest them of our songs’.
  • Darwin changed not only the outer look of biology for zoology, but the whole trend of human thoughts. Darwin married his cousin Emma in 1839. For the last 40 years of his life he was almost ill. He was always avoided controversies about his work and left it to others to debate the consequences of ‘Darwinism’. He died on 19 April 1882 aged at 73.
  • Charles Darwin published ‘The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals.’ He writes ‘ Man’s ways of expressing emotions are inherited patterns that originally had some survival value.’
  • Darwin got his thesis ready for publication. Quote ignorant of this development, his friend, Alfred Russel Wallace, sent to Charles Darwin his original paper on the same subject requesting him to introduce him to the world of science as the originator of the theory of evolution. It was a bitter trail of Darwin. When he was sick, his wife Emma, nursed him and helped him in the preparation of a thesis.

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