• 206 bones are there in an adult skeleton. A newborn baby has 300 bones has baby grown some bones fuse together more than half the number of bones in the body is in the hands and feet.

  • A living bone is 6 times stronger than a piece of steel weight. ‘Funny Bones’ is not a bone at in all it’s a spot on the outer bit of elbow. If you hit or knock it, it gives a weird tingling, pain this is because Ulnar Nerve crosses the bone at that point. The smallest bone in the body is the stapes it is smaller than a pill and found inside the ear. Our thighs contain the largest bone in the body. It is known as Femur and is about a quarter of the body’s total length. The skull is the body’s most complex bone.

  • There are 22 skull bones and 21 of which are locked together in immovable joints. This makes skull really strong the only bone that can move freely is lower jaw. 14% of bones exist in human body weight.
  • Every 7 years, our old bone is replaced by new bone. After the age of 30 years, our bones start losing its density. Bone marrow is 4% of the body’s total weight. 99% of total calcium in our body is found in our bones. To recover broken bones, it takes approximately 12 weeks There are 54 bones in our hands including the wrist. Our face is made up of almost 14 bones.


  • Both Human corneas and shark corneas are similar so that they have been used as a replacement in human eye surgery. 

  • 107 million cells contain in eyes are all of them are light sensitive. One in every 12 males is colors blind. The human eye only sees three colors red, blue and green all other colors combinations of these. Our eyes about 2.5 cm across and weighs about 8 grams. One sixth of the human eyeball is exposed. People say in the blind of an eye because it is the fastest muscle in the body. Blink usually lasts 100 to 150 milliseconds forceful to blink 5 times in a second. The ice on average blink is 17 times per minute and 14,280 times per year.

  • Each eyelash has a lifespan of approximately 5 months. About 36000 bits of information in the eyes can process every hour. Brown eyes are actually blue underneath the brown pigment as a result, their exit Laser procedure to turn brown eyes blue permanent. An image which our eyes send to our brains are actually sent backwards and upside down. When compare to out of all the muscles in our body, the muscles that control our eyes are the most active.

  • Approximately, about 2% of women have a rare genetic mutation that provides them with an external retinal cone in their eyes that allows them to see a hundred million, of colors. If in a flash photography you have only one eye that shows up red it is likely that you have eye cancer, fortunately, our eyes started to develop only 2 weeks after you were conceived human eye can only make smooth motions if it is actually tracking a moving object with your brain not with your eyes in many cases blurred or poor vision is not caused by the eyes at all. The eyes lens is quicker than any camera.

  • Pirates used eye patches quickly adjust their eyes from about two below deck having one eye trained for the bright light and other for dim light. Please use about 65% of our brain power more than any other part of the body

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