The following are the features of Java.



  • Java is a simple programming language rather than saying that this is a future of Java. When Java is developed they wanted to be simple because it has worked on an electronic device, where less memory is available.
  • The difficult concept is eliminated in Java. In Java software people maintain the same Syntax of C and C ++ in Java, so that a programmer who knows C or C++ will find Java already familiar.


  • Java is an object oriented programming language. This means Java programs use classes and objects 
  • An object is anything that really existing in the world can be distinguished from others. Every object contains properties (variables)  and actions (methods)
  • A class is a model for creating an object or collection of objects. Classes contains properties and methods.


  • Information is distributed on various computers on a network. Using Java we can write a program which capture information and distribute to the clients.
  • This is possible because Java can use to handle the protocol TCP (Transaction Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol,)


  • Security problems like ever dropping, transferring, information and  virus thread can be eliminated or minimized by using Java on the internet.


  • Java bytecode is not machine dependent it can be run on any machine with any processor and operating system.


  • If a program gives the same result on every machine, then the program is called portable.
  • Java programs are portable this is the result of Java system independence nature


  • Java programs are comparable to generate the byte code. This before can be downloaded and interpreted by an interpreter in Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • Take any other languages only on interpreted as a compiler is used to execute the programs. But in Java we can use both interpreter and compiler.


  • The problems with the interpreter inside JVM is that it is slow because of this Java program used to run slow
  • To overcome this problem, along with interpreter lava software introduced JIT compiler (JUST IN TIME) which enhances the speed of executions.
  • JVM both interpreter and JIT compiler together to run the program.


  • A thread represents on individual process to execute a group of systems.
  • JVM use thread to execute different blocks of code, creating multiple thread is called multithreaded.


  • Java platform can be implemented on a range of computer with various levels of resources from embedded device to mainframe computers.
  • This is possible because Java compact and platform independent.


  • Before the development of the Java only static text used to display in the browser.
  • But James Gosling demonstrated animated atomic molecule where the rays are moving and stretching.


  • Robust means strong Java programs are strong and did not crash easy like C or C ++ programs

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