Important Psychological facts in our day to day life.

  • A person who loses his cell phone experience a panic similar death experience.
  • 70% of people are suffering from a phantom vibration syndrome that feels like phone is vibrating even when it is not.
  • The more if we hear something, we believe that it is true. This is known as ‘ illusion of truth effect’.
  • You can trick your brain into thinking that you are smiling and feeling happy if you put a pencil in between your teeth
  • If someone is lying if you want to know they are lying look at the direction they face. Psychology says that people who are trying to lie, I tend to look up and to their left.
  • Most of the people will say that the childhood come again in old age, but the truth is that we are kids till age of 15 then we are trying to fake our personality constantly that we even forgot about true personality and at an older age, our life becomes pointless so we turn to our original nature this is how we never develop inner feelings
  • People who are torturing others for no reason are very frustrated inside, they have to see someone another state of mind that they are.
  • The more you cry healthier your mind become. It is very much important to cry after sometimes
  • When you announce your goals, study confirms that to others you are less likely to make them happen due to loss of motivation.
  • By spending money other brings more happier than spending it on yourself.
  • People with high level of anxiety has the habit of remembering the pictures of threatening faces than calmer people.
  • If people like someone more the text faster.
  • Smiling is more attractive than wearing makeup
  • People are so jealous of their neighbor’s that they do not feel satisfied and successful until they are superior than they.
  • We believe that other people are more easily influenced than us.
  • We spend about 30% of our day. Daydreaming the upside of this is a research point out the people who tend to daydream more are better at solving problems and tend to be more effective.
  • People are used to think that they are going to react to the future event in a certain way only for the event to actually take place on to find that there reacted completely differently to what they had predicted
  • We can only sustain high level concentration for 10 minutes. After that the mind begins to wonder.
  • The body immediately release endorphins when you smile even when you force it. This sudden change in mode will help you feel better and release stress.
  • 90% of the people between 10 to 29 years sleep with their mobile phones.
  • People regret on quick reaction, even the result satisfying not the actual time allowed for the decision matter, but that they feel that time was enough.
  • The more complex that the decision is taken the more people tend to leave things as they are. If the store has too much of products, people cannot immediately find out what of the product is better for them. Hence, most probably they will leave without buying.
  • When a person got anger increase the desire of possession Indian people make more effort to obtain the object that is associated with an angry face.
  • When someone is faking emotions, expression and limited to mouth movements instead of the whole face.
  • Your mind rewrites the monotone speech of boring people to make it sound interesting.
  • The way to win an argument is by asking questions it can make people see the flaws in their logic.
  • People who laugh more are better to tolerate pain, in both physical and emotional pain.
  • When people say something about you don’t take things so personally, it is reflected on them not you.
  • People who are most constantly used to be honest when responding to a question are likely to be lying to you.
  • The human mind is more convincing yourself that you no longer care.
  • As hard as it may be established eye contact with everyone when you meet. It is one of the best ways to make people take you seriously.

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